Thursday, February 4, 2010

Anticipation... Waiting On My Gig Bag and Recorder

Last week I placed an order online at Musician's Friend. I've had my guitar since Christmas, and since I'm learning to play it a lot better, and more than likely I'll want to take it from place to place soon, I decided it was time to get a gig bag. Along with this I went ahead and ordered an ivory recorder (LMI) in the key of "F". Come to think of it, I also ordered a book from, and that should be coming today as well..

So I'm on my way out to work in less than an hour, and hopefully by the time I return home, my packages will be ready. I actually paid for these, unlike the ProHands by Gripmaster (which I did a review on).

I'll be sure to leave a review of these items as soon as they arrive and I'm able to check them out. Stay tuned... Me and that gig bag will be going places!

Update 2/5/2010 -- Orders have not arrived yet, hopefully by later on today they will be here. I'll be back in a few hours!

2 comments from deh people:

dreamcatcher6882 said...

I have really enjoyed reaing your blog, cant wait to read more
- Poet Janet Dawson

Skiilz Mitchell said...

Thanks for stopping by, Janet - glad to have you reading once again! I'll be blogging at least once a day, so maybe you should sign up here at blogger and follow... It would be good also to extend your blog past myspace and into the rest of the world. :D See ya soon!